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Applaws Cat Layers Mixed Multipack 6 x 70g


Applaws Cat Layers Mixed Multipack 6 x 70g

  • 2 x Chicken & Lamb (Composition: Chicken 40%, Lamb 17%, Vegetable gelling agent)
  • 2 x Tuna & Prawn (Tuna 43%, Prawns 17%, Vegetable gelling agent)
  • 2 x Tuna & Anchovy (Tuna 43%, Anchovy 17%, Vegetable gelling agent)
  • Made with natural ingredients We insist on only the highest quality, human grade meat protein set in a natural soft jelly in our pots
  • A Natural Source Of Taurine essential for proper function for the heart and eye health
  • Packed with Protein Two layers of protein rich garnishes in each pot
  • Innovative packaging See the quality of our ingredients with our see-through packaging


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